• Aug.2012-Jan.2014 Guangzhou, China

    This project aimed to implement a Hand Gesture Based Control System used in home environment. The work of this project involved improvement, optimization and evaluation of the Hand-Gesture Control System.

  • 2011

  • Oct.2011-June.2012 Guangzhou, China

    Illumination impact from surrounding environment is a big headache in computer vision field. This project tried to mollify the impact by taking both image processing algorithms and video sampling procedure from the camera into consideration.

  • Feb.2011-May.2011 Guangzhou, China

    In this project, we designed a friendly Chinese input method which was applied in Hand-Gesture Control System. This method efficiently reduces the number of hand gestures and narrows down the hand control range.

  • 2010

  • July.2010-May.2012 Guangzhou, China

    We tried to implement a QR code recognition software running on embedded system in this project. Designed software could sample and decode QR code pictures in an effective way.